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60th Anniversary Reunion

60th Anniversary Reunion

The Gear Grinders get together every year to celebrate the anniversary of the club. Here is a look back at some of those gatherings.

September 15, 2012

Soda Pops – Boerne, Texas

The Gear Grinders held their 60th anniversary shindig on Saturday September 15, 2012. We had a great turn out and were lucky enough to have a lot of our past members show up for the event.

60 Years, Since 1951
Past Members in Attendance
  • Happy Donaldson
  • Jerry Beavers
  • Bud Shannon
  • Charles Ward
  • Curtis Franke
  • Marty Broekers
  • Gary (Chico) Brinkley
  • Jim Mann
  • George King
  • Steve Doneghy
  • Jay Lieck
  • Ray Swartz
  • Chris Tompkins
  • Harry Kinsey
  • Gary Addcox
  • Matthew Williams
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